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A Guide to Outdoor Wheelchair Ramp Installation

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By Senior Hand – Handyman Services

Oct 22, 2021

An accessible wheelchair ramp is essential for you to safely leave and enter your home. This entryway home improvement project can be both functional and visually appealing. If you’re planning on this addition, here are some considerations to discuss with your contractor. 

What to Know About Having a Wheelchair Ramp Installed

1. Space 

To build a functional wheelchair ramp, you’ll need a sufficient runway. As a general rule, plan for 24 feet of ramp when your door is 2 feet off of the ground. When your home is close to the curb, you need the ramp to be connected to the driveway. If landscaping elements, such as bushes or trees, are in the way, you may need to work with your contractor to establish a comprehensive home improvement plan that includes changes to the front yard as a whole. 

2. Slope and Width

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To ensure safety, stay in compliance with the Americans For Disabilities Act. Any wheelchair ramp should be 36 inches wide and cannot be longer than 30 feet without having a built-in resting platform. The slope of the ramp is imperative for safety and usability. The incline should not be more than 1 inch in height for every 12 inches in length. 

3. Weatherproofing

Outdoor ramps are exposed to the elements, including rain, snow, and ice. Manual wheelchairs may be prone to slipping and grip issues during these conditions. By weatherproofing your ramp with anti-slip products or traction mats, you’ll reduce the risk of injury. 

4. Lighting

At night, using a wheelchair ramp can be challenging without proper illumination. Since 24/7 functionality is essential, the project should include the installation of overhead motion-sensor lights or ground lighting. 

If you’re looking for a general contractor to install a wheelchair ramp, turn to Senior Hand. Based in Columbia, MO, this dedicated company is known throughout Boone County for quality home improvements. To schedule a consultation, call (573) 489-6058. For more information on how they can create a disability ramp for you, visit their website. 

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