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4 Tips for Designing a Home Office

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By Senior Hand – Handyman Services

Nov 02, 2021

With more people working remotely than ever before, home offices are increasingly in demand among homeowners. If you have a room you rarely use, such as a guest bedroom or media room, transforming it into an office can help you separate work from your personal life and even enhance your property’s value. To make the most of this home improvement project, there are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when designing an office.

How to Design a Home Office

1. Choose Your Room Wisely

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When selecting a space for your home office, prioritize areas that are quiet and don’t get a lot of foot traffic. For example, you might not want your home office right by the front door or the kitchen — two areas where your family members or roommates are often coming and going. Also, select a room with plenty of natural light for your office, as a brighter space enhances concentration and productivity.

2. Sketch Out a Plan to Maximize Space

Create a floor plan by taking measurements and laying out the furniture to maximize your space. Integrating built-in cupboards and shelving allows for more storage for office supplies. You can also save on space by selecting multi-functional furniture. For example, a rolling filing cabinet can also serve as a decorative or functional surface, while a hollow ottoman can provide additional storage.

3. Take Technology Into Account

When laying out an office design, consider where your work tools will go. If you use a computer and printer, you’ll want to make sure each appliance has access to electrical outlets. Having extension cords crisscrossing your office can be a nuisance and dangerous, so if the room doesn’t have sufficient outlets, a professional electrician can install more.

4. Create Distinct Spaces for Different Purposes

If you plan to entertain clients in your home office, set aside a separate seating nook away from your desk. Architectural touches like partitions can distinguish the areas. Interior design elements like area rugs and plants can also help to create a sense of division between the different spaces in a home office.

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