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3 Types of Home Additions to Consider


By Senior Hand – Handyman Services

Dec 14, 2021

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to make your home more comfortable and functional. If you’re ready to invest in a new home improvement project, a home addition could increase the square footage of your house and serve multiple purposes over time, allowing your family to grow in place. To take advantage of the benefits of a new addition, here are several ideas to consider for your space. 

What Are Different Home Addition Options?

1. Guest Suite Over the Garage 

If you have a detached garage, there is likely quite a bit of unused space above it. To make the most of your property, you can add a guest suite over the garage that can double as an isolated home office to help you avoid household distractions during the workday. Overnight guests will appreciate the privacy, convenience, and comfort a bedroom and accompanying bathroom provides. Additionally, if you install a kitchen and HVAC system, you could even rent the space as a studio apartment to supplement your income. 

2. Second Bathroom

If you have a larger family, getting ready in the morning can be a challenge when everyone is competing for bathroom space. Adding another bathroom can help you maintain peace and order in your household and make sure everyone gets out the door on time. 

Depending on your needs and home layout, you could add the bathroom to the first or second floor. For example, if you have aging family members, adding a bathroom to the first floor will keep it accessible. Alternatively, a half bath, which just includes a sink and toilet, can be reserved for visitors on the first floor, so they don’t have to walk through the rest of the house.

3. Sunroom

Many homeowners enjoy sitting outside but can only go out when the weather is nice. Luckily, with a sunroom, you can enjoy the feeling of being outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. The addition is attached to an exterior wall of the house and features operable glass windows along each wall or floor-to-ceiling screens to let in fresh air while keeping pests and rain out. This house upgrade can serve as a casual living room during the summer months or even a yoga or fitness space. Since the sun will naturally illuminate the space, you won’t have to turn on overhead lights during the day, which can help keep electricity costs low.

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