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Why You Should Install Ceiling Fans Throughout Your Home

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By Senior Hand – Handyman Services

Aug 27, 2021

Installing ceiling fans is one of those small house upgrades that can have a big impact on your family’s quality of life. Even if your home is equipped with an efficient central AC system, ceiling fans will provide some complementary benefits, making them a sound investment. Here’s a look at their biggest advantages.

4 Benefits of Ceiling Fans for Homeowners

1. Enhance Lighting 

Nowadays, ceiling fans are available in all kinds of styles and configurations with beautiful light fixtures attached. If any of the rooms in your home are dimmer than you’d like, installing a fan with several additional bulbs will brighten it at the flip of a switch. This can help with household chores, such as putting laundry away in bedrooms.

2. Promote Better Sleep 

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The gentle whirring of a ceiling fan can help even the most restless people drift off to dreamland. The white noise can also help light sleepers stay asleep until their alarm goes off by masking the sounds that would usually wake them, such as distant vehicle traffic. 

3. Ensure Year-Round Comfort 

In the summer months, a ceiling fan will circulate a cool breeze throughout the room. If you reverse the direction of the blades to clockwise in the winter, the fan will draw that same cool air up, redistributing the warm air that has risen in the process. 

4. Boost Energy Efficiency 

As long as you’re diligent about changing the direction of the blades with the seasons—and actually running the fans on a daily basis—this house upgrade will reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. The HVAC system won’t have to work quite so hard to maintain a consistent temperature with support from the fans. 

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