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3 Signs Your Deck Needs Repairs

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By Senior Hand – Handyman Services

Jul 14, 2021

Your deck endures the elements of every season for years, so it’s only natural to be concerned about its stability. For this reason, it’s important to schedule repairs before problems escalate. By being proactive, home improvement professionals may only need to repair a few areas rather than replacing the entire structure, saving you time and money. Here’s how to tell your home’s deck needs attention.

When Should You Schedule Deck Repairs?

1. Wood Rot

If deck wood cracks, water can seep inside, leading to fungi growth and rot from within. Standing water may also dissolve wood fibers and weaken the planks. Check for wood that’s soft to the touch, wet, or discolored. Home improvement professionals will replace these sections before they can break or spread the rot.

2. Loose Railings & Stairs

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Any railing that moves when you press it can be a safety hazard. It’s possible they weren’t secured well enough during installation, and nails can back out of the wood over time, making the connection unstable. 

The same can happen with stairs. Professionals will test each post, rail, and step to identify weak areas. They may recommend replacing the nails with screws, which will provide superior stabilization because of their threads.

3. Wobbling Support Posts

If the deck wobbles as you walk on it, home improvement professionals will first see that all the hardware connecting the supports, which can loosen under stress, is secure, as some pieces may only need to be tightened. In more serious cases, the support beams may have split, or the posts may be shifting in their holes. This is common when the soil around them shifts during freeze/thaw cycles. Posts can be reinforced with more lumber or concrete.

Repairing your deck now will make for a safe summer and prevent the need for more expensive fixes later. If your deck needs attention, turn to Senior Hand for your home improvement needs. This Columbia, MO, general contractor works on a variety of projects to restore and revitalize customers’ homes. The team can help with a bathroom remodel, deck repairs, or a large kitchen remodeling project; no matter what your home requires, they’re committed to quality craftsmanship. View their previous work online or call (573) 489-6058 to schedule a consultation.

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