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3 Signs You Need Plumbing Repairs


By Senior Hand – Handyman Services

Feb 22, 2021

When your plumbing is working normally, you barely notice it’s there. However, when things get out of whack, it can quickly impact your daily life. Since most problems require the specialized tools and training of a plumbing contractor, here’s a closer look at when to call for help.

When Should You Call a Plumber?

1. Low Water Pressure

Washing dishes, doing the laundry, and taking a shower require adequate water pressure. When the pressure drops, these tasks will take longer and be less effective. When a pressure drop is isolated to a single location or room, there’s often a leak or clog somewhere along the connecting pipe. A plumber will need to pinpoint the source and repair or clean the line.

If the pressure problem exists at every faucet, the main could be delivering water at less than 40 psi, whereas the ideal level for most homes is between 45 and 55. A plumbing contractor can determine if this is the case and install a water pressure booster or adjust the settings on your pressure-reducing valve to combat this issue.

2. No Water


When the faucet fails to produce any water at all, it will quickly get your attention. A lack of water could indicate anything from a clogged or busted line to a problem with the water main. In any case, you’ll need an experienced plumbing contractor to quickly identify and correct the issue.

3. Overflowing Toilet

When the toilet overflows once or twice a year, it’s probably a one-time issue that you can resolve with a plunger. However, when it happens over and over again in a short time span, repetitive plunging can actually start to cause damage to the toilet and pipes.

In most instances like this, the culprit is a clogged or blocked drain, a blocked vent, or a worn-out or improperly set filler float.  While you may be able to adjust the float to prevent the tank from overflowing, you’ll need a plumbing contractor to resolve the other problems.  

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